The Psych Report

The Psych Report, a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, is a non-profit, web-based magazine offering readers original, thought-provoking reports from the front lines of behavioral science. Born in 2013, our mission is to make the valuable insights gathered from behavioral science accessible and useful to the public.

Our editorial team of journalists and scientists publishes articles on today’s most pressing social, political, technological, and organizational challenges that are important to our wide readership of thinkers and decision-makers. In our pages, you’ll find commentaries on current events, interviews with leading experts, excerpts from recently published books, reports on developments in the field, and summaries of new key findings.

The Psych Report has no advertisements, allegiances, or agendas. We maintain a strong commitment to smart science and honest journalism while shirking hypes and hyperbole. Our content is freely available in its entirety to all online and supported by contributions from readers like you.

Editorial Board

Evan Nesterak | Max Nesterak

Advisory Board

Barry Schwartz (Chair) | Max Bazerman | Paul Bloom | Trish Devine | Angela Duckworth | Barbara Fredrickson | Daniel Gilbert | Saul Kassin | Sonja Lyubomirsky | Hazel Markus | John Monterosso | Richard Nisbett | Mike Norton | Daniel Reisberg | Eldar Shafir | Dan Simons | Paul Thibodeau | Jean Twenge | Amy Wrzesniewski