The Psych List: Sendhil Mullainathan on racism and bias in America and more Monday links

A selection of recent behavioral science news, articles, and resources of note:

  • Sendhil Mullainathan reviews some sobering behavioral science research on racism and bias in America. (New York Times)
  • In an attempt to close the organ donation gap, the UK has launched a new program that will ask people whether or not they want to become an organ donor when they sign up for almost everything — a passport, driver’s license, metro card, and even grocery card. (
  • NPR is set to launch a new radio show this Friday, January 9. Invisibilia (meaning all the invisible things in Latin) will cover “the unseen forces that shape human behavior.” (
  • Katherine Milkman and Kevin Volpp describe some of the latest behavioral science research around keeping a New Year’s resolution, and how/when to start again if you stumble. (New York Times)
  • Airport Scanner is a mobile game app where players act as airport security and “search” for dangerous items in luggage. Researchers from Duke University partnered with the creators of the app in order to better understand visual search. They collected data on more than 1 billion trials, from over 7 million mobile devices. (
  • Jonathan Haidt explores two prevailing views of capitalism — as liberation or as exploitation — and discusses the role ethical systems can play in creating a capitalism that is both a dynamic and decent. (
  • Carol Dweck writes about the origin and path of her research on mindset. (Scientific American Mind)
  • Adam Grant interviewed BBC Anchor Katty Kay on her new book The Confidence Code (co-authored with Claire Shipman). He also spoke with Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics, on his new book Think Like a Freak. (Knowledge@Wharton)
  • The World Bank’s recently released 2015 World Development Report, “Mind, Society, and Behavior,” brings behavioral science to those in the development and policy sphere, covering insights on poverty, health, and climate change among others. (


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