A Council of Psychological Advisers, Suicides in the Golden State, plus more weekly links


A selection of recent behavioral science news, articles, and resources of note:

  • If President Obama created a Council of Psychological Advisers to help develop policies and programs based on the latest psychological science what might they recommend? Twelve “Memos to the President,” published in the most recent issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science, provide a clue. (Perspectives on Psychological Science)
  • Silicon Valley has a suicide problem. Hanna Rosin reports for The Atlantic“How could it be that they all lived in a place that inspired jealousy from out-of-towners, where the coolest gadgets and ideas come from, where the optimism is boundless, and where, as Kathleen put it to me somewhat sardonically, ‘people are working on inventions that will slow aging and probably one day stop death’—and yet also a place where a junior in high school is closely familiar with the funerals of other teens?” (The Atlantic)

Featured image: Pete Souza


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