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Coerced to Confess: The Psychology of False Confessions

On a spring night in 1989, a 28 year-old white woman was brutally raped and nearly murdered while jogging through Central Park. Early in their investigation, police brought in five black and hispanic teenage boys between the ages of 14 and 16 for questioning. During interrogations lasting up to 30 hours, all five confessed to taking part in the crime. Within 72 hours of the attack, the jogger still in a coma, the NYPD believed they had solved the crime [...]
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Q&A with Nicholas Epley Part 1: We Need to Talk

We possess a fundamental need to connect with one another, yet connecting with others in a meaningful way can be awkward, elusive, and challenging. The gulf between our need to connect with others and our failure to do so is made all the more apparent now that technology allows us to reach nearly anyone, anywhere at anytime, and still, we find it increasingly difficult to make and maintain meaningful social connections [...]

To be or not to be? Should Obesity be a disease?

We know that names matter. Many people distrust Obamacare but support the Affordable Care Act. People would rather eat quiche than egg pie. A "Nutrition Assistance Program" sounds more dignified than "food stamps." A "cold snap" sounds almost tropical, or at least tolerable, compared to a "polar vortex." So, it matters that the American Medical Association decided, in June of 2013, to name obesity a disease [...]